Shower drain for perforated grids with an adjustable vertical flange to the wall

This drain is designed to take perforated grids. The stainless steel edge also makes an elegant border between the tiles and the grid. Water flows into the drain both at the edges as well as through perforations in the grid. When placed directly against the wall. The vertical adjustable edge allows for easy installation and assures a water-tight fit whatever the thickness of the tiles used on the shower walls.


APZ4-lAdjustable vertical flange

The APZ4 and APZ4 LOW shower drains are designed to be installed against the wall of the shower, where the wall meets the floor. The vertical water-proofing flange can be adjusted to suit wall tiles 6­–12 mm in thickness, eliminating the need to compensate for any differences in tile thickness with glue.

Unlike other shower drains, the FLEXIBLE drain is attached to the wall using a vertical flange that is then covered with a waterproof membrane and wall tiles, thus ensuring a better degree of water-proofing. Grading the floor towards the wall is also easier.