1.) Grid removal

The grid is removed using the hook supplied. Make sure this hook is not lost during the installation process! Wash the drain channel with a jet of water, following which we recommend you use ACH001 Universal cleaning agent. This has a regenerative effect on stainless steel surfaces and prevents the build-up of limescale.


2.) Coarse dirt

The removable grid trap captures coarse particles of dirt and, once removed, can be cleaned under a jet of water.


3.) Safety lock

Turn the safety lock of the odour compartments by 90 °.


4.) Odour trap

Remove the odour trap parts, use a swinging movement from side to side in the direction of the longer edge towards the channel.
To re-insert the odour trap parts, it is important to insert the side where the grid trap fits first (further from the safety lock in the middle), then push in the side with the full cover (the one pointing towards the safety lock in the middle). Then, to secure the odour trap from floating, turn the safety lock by 90 °.


5.) Cleaning

Clean the trap chamber either with a water jet or mechanically. A length of spring
can be used to clean the waste pipe.
Clean the drain channel and grid at least 4 times per year.
We recommend cleaning the trap at least once a year, otherwise as soon as the waterflow through the drain deteriorates, i.e. water drains slowly and remains
in the shower.


AHP80 Waterproofing tape

Waterproof adhesive tape is included in the box. Use of this tape ensures a permanent but elastic connection of the drain to the waterproofing of the building.

Self-adhesive waterproofing tapes can also be ordered separately under the following code AHP80 in 1,200 mm long strips.


ACH001 Universal cleaning product

Agent for regenerating and cleaning  shower drains and grids, which prevents the build-up of limescale.

Grid maintenance

To maintain a perfect look, clean the system at least once a month. We recommend our ACH001 Universal cleaning agent. Do not use sharp objects or abrasives for cleaning as that can damage the surface of the grid.

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