1.) Preparation

Carefully read instructions before installing. Make sure you have the correct length of drain.


2.) Placing in position

Fix the shower drain in place using the anchoring bolts supplied. Adjust the height so that the correct angle of slope towards the drain is maintained and, by placing a level on the collar, ensure the drain is horizontal. Connect the trap to the waste pipe.


3.) Concreting

Pour the concrete up to the isolating flange. The surface of the set concrete, up to 10 cm around the drain channel, should be covered by a primer.


4.) Waterproofing

Remove the protective foil covering the collar and then, using the self-adhesive, waterproofing tape supplied, cover the whole surface of the collar all around the drain. The protruding part of the the tape is to be fixed on the concrete. Cover the concrete with an additional waterproofing layer up to the edges of the drain channel including the tape on the collars, or use a waterproofing foil.


5.) Tile installation

Place the tiles in position. The gap between the tiles and the drain should be filled with an elastic putty.


Floor slope

For proper drainage of water it is necessary to have a minimum  of 2% slope toward the shower drain. In practice, this means  a 2 cm difference in height for each 1 meter of floor surface.

It is very important to apply the isolating layers correctly and in the right order – see section drawing on page 25.